Kode Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends Bahasa Indonesia

Kode Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends Bahasa Indonesia

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Sacred Animals Shoes
Play the Duel In Nan Zhong level (Meng Huo, Zhu Rong). Kill Xu Huang
in less than 10 minutes or before the beast troops passing
center. These items make your pet stronger.

Nu Wa: Fourth weapon
Play any level under the hard difficulty setting and get 1,000 kills
to get Rapier Nu Wa.

Extreme Musou Scroll
Play the Battle Of Mai Castle level (Guan Yu, Guan Ping, Xin Cai).
Get 1000 kills and a message that the valuables in the castle
will appear. This item will increase the duration and damage Musou.

Black Turtle Rock
Play the Battle Of New Castle (Sima Yi, Xu Huang, Cao Pi). Kill 80
men, then kill all four generals outside the castle before
gates open. This item increases defense every 100 kills.

Breathing Water Armor
Play Revolt Of The eunuch Ten (Dong Zhou, Yuan Shao).
Allow Dong Zhou's fake Ten Eunuchs plan to succeed and defeat
Bandit leader four times. This item allows you to block in
When the enemy attack to get Health +50.

Flying Dragon Armor
Play the Battle of Qi Mountain level (Zhuge Liang, Wei Yan, Jiang
Wei). Kill all enemy generals and sub generals. A valuable
The report will appear after the latter was killed. This item allows
When you jump charge attack.

Meat Bun Sack
Play the Battle Of Xia Meng Gate level (Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, Wei
Yan). Who killed Ren, Yang Ang, and Song Yang. This item increased
the possibility of soldiers dropping Meat Buns. You may also ***
The band was awarded the devil if it appears in Zhang Lu's camp.

All weapons must be completed on the hard 4 or
Chaos Mode (Hard Mode Recommended)
These weapons are 4th unlockables for Free Mode and Musou Mode.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Cao Cao Battle of Xia Pi, Wei Side: Defeat Gao Shun before you get
message that he was guarding the dam then defeat Zhang Liao.
Cao Pi Wu Zhang Plains, Wei Forces; killing three officers, Zhuge Liang
dies, Destroy all arbalests when they arise
Cao Ren Escape from Chi Bi, Wei Forces. Kill all the enemies reinforements
and defeat Sun Quan last.
Da Qiao Xia Kou, Wu forces: Defeat Cai Mao and Gan Ning before Ling Tong
is defeat
Dian Wei Wan Castle, Cao Cao side: Meet with Cao Cao, Take him to escape
gate, Do not let anyone get past you until u get the message that Cao cao
get away
Diao Chan Battle of Xia Pi, Lu Bu Forces. Defeat all generals and
subgenerals before Cao Cao arrives and do not let any of your own generals
of dying.
Dong Zhuo Liang Province, Dong Zhuo Forces, Take all 5 bases and defeat
Ma Chao and Pang De
Battle of Xia Kou Gan Ning, Huang Zu's Forces. Defeat Ling Cao and Ling
Tong within 2 minutes of the stage.
Guan Ping Escape from Chi Bi, Shu Forces. Defeat all enemy generals and
sub generals.
Guan Yu Battle of Fan Castle, Shu Forces. Defeat Niu Jin and Yue Jin
before the water attack is triggered.
Huang Gai Yellow Turban Rebellion, Han Force; Kill all subgenerals and
officers outside of Zhang Jiao's fort
Huang Zhong Battle of Mt. Ding Jun, Shu Forces. Defeat Xiahou Yuan and
Zhang He within 5 minutes before Cao Cao appears.
Tian Shui Wei Jiang, Wei Forces; Do nothing until your commander began
escape, then defeat Gao Xiong in northeast
Ling Tong Hei Fei, Wu forces: Defeat Zhang Liao each time he appears
Liu Bei Battle of Yi Ling, Shu Forces. Defeat Ling Tong, Gan Ning, Lu Xun,
and Sun Shang Xiang.
Lu Bu Battle of Chang Shan kill 1000 enemy troops
Lu Meng Fan Castle, Wu Forces; sure Xu Huang appears, Mi Fang and Fu
Shi Ren defect (must keep alive), defeat Zhang Bao and Zhang Fei
Lu Xun Battle of Bai Di Castle, Defeat Ma Chao and Jiang Wei before
entered the fort.
Ma Chao Tong Gate, Allied Forces; Knock Cao Cao off his horse before he
across the river 1 (Recommended Red Hare)
Meng Huo Conquest of Nan Zhong-Nanman Side-Defeat Huang Zhong, Wei Yan,
and Yue Ying without losing an ally officer
Pang De Battle of Mt. Ding Jun, Wu Forces. Defeat Zhao Yun, Guan Ping, Wei
Yan, and Huang Zhong before Cao Cao arrives.
Pang Tong The Invasion of Nan Zhong, Shu Forces. Follow Zhuge Liang
orders. After that, defeat Wu Tugu before the tactics squad is defeated.
Battle of Chen Cang Sima Yi, Wei Forces. Catch all the enemy bases producing
siege weapons before they do any damage to the palace.
Trials of Sun Ce Sun Ce, Sun Ce's Forces. Defeat all phantom Yu Ji
and defeat Sun Jian and Da Qiao in less than 10 minutes.
Sun Jian Si Shui Gate, Allied Forces, defeat Lu Bu within 5 minutes of
Sun Quan Battle of Chi Bi, Allied Forces. Successfully make all 3 parts of
fire attack succeed.
Sun Shang Xiang Invasion of Nan Zhong, Wu Forces. Save Sun Quan after
ambush event and defeat all officers except for Meng Huo.
Taishi Ci Wu Territory, Allied Forces, Sun Quan will be ambushed, Defeat Sun
Quan before meeting with Zhou Tai, then defeat Zhou Tai
Battle of Chen Cang Wei Yan, Shu Forces. Defeat all 4 Defense Captains
Xiahou Dun Fan Castle, Wei Forces; Stop water attack by defeating Guan
Xiahou Yuan Battle of Chi Bi, Wei Forces. Prevent all parts of the fire
Xiao Qiao Jing Province, Sun Jian's Forces; Defeat Cai Mao and Lu Gong
before Sun Jian gets ambushed
Xing Cai Battle Of Bai Dai, Shu Forces; Get Xing Cai health in orange to
get Liu Chan message. Go to Liu Chan and rescue peasant militia.
Ban Chang Xu Huang, Cao Cao's troops, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei after Defeat
Liu Qi appears
Xu Zhu Tong Gate, Cao Cao's troops, Defeat Ma Chao and Pang De before Han
Sui has a chance to defect
Yuan Shao Guan Du, Yuan Shao Forces, Yan Liang and Wen Chou Keep alive
(Kill Guan Yu ASAP), Cao Cao's troops morale in the open side
Yue Ying Wu Zhang Plains, Shu Forces; Defeat Deng Ai before he set
Zhang Fei Chang Ban, Liu Bei's army, Defeat Wen Pin, Xiahou Dun and
Xiahou En without anyone crossing the bridge
He Zhange Battle of Jie Ting, Wei Forces. Surround Ma Su. Now, Defeat Gao
Xiong and Wang Ping and take their gates. Catch and kill the Supply Base
Ma Su.
Zhang Jiao Yellow Turban Rebellion, Yellow Turban Forces, Kill Gongsun Yue
and let the rock fall events occurred. Go to Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao
Zhang Liao Hei Fei, Wei forces: Non kill many generals and sub-generals
till 3 messages apprear with Wu soldiers admiring Zhang Liao
Zhao Yun Battle of Cheng Du, Shu Forces. Really take the South
Zuo Ci Hu Lao Gate, Allied forces: Kill Lu Bu on hard mode
Zhuge Liang Battle of Tian Shui, Shu Forces. Defeat Xiahou Mao and Cui
Liang and capture the castles. Now, defeat Jiang Wei before he gets to
Tian Shui Castle.
Zhu Rong The Invasion of Nan Zhong, Nanman Forces. Defeat Jiang Qin and
Gan Ning without the bridge destoryed
Battle Territory Wu Zhou Yu, Sun Ce's Forces. Killing Yan Baihu
and Wang Lang
Zhou Tai Battle of Yi Ling, Wu Forces. Defeat Zhao Yun before the fire
attack and successfully complete the fire attack.
Zhen Ji Battle of He Fei Castle, Wei Forces. Kill at least 300 soldiers and
go by Cao Pi to get a scene to kill enemy troops.

Ice Arrow
Play Battle of Yang Ping Gate level (Cao Cao, Cao Ren, Xiahou
Yuan, Zhang He). Kill twenty stone statues in less than five
minutes. This item adds ice damage to your arrows.

Fu Xi: Fourth weapon
Play any level under the hard difficulty setting and get 1,000 kills
to get Fu Xi's Great Sword.

Unlockable Products
Rare products that can be found at various levels in Legend Mode

Unlockable / How to Enable
True Way of Musou Battle of Mai Castle - 1000 KO achieve this
Ice Arrows Battle of Yang Ping Gate - Destroy all 20 of Stone Sculpture
within 5 minutes of the stages start.
Naga Earrings Battle of Xin Castle - Defeat 80 soldiers and 4 generals
outside the castle, within 2 minutes of the stages start.
Kirin Hoof Showdown at Nan Zhong - Defeat Xu Huang within 10 minutes of
Stages began.
Vampire Arms Ten Eunuch's Rebellion - Let Him In defeat, and then
beat 4 Cheifs Rouge.
Meatbun Battle of Jia Meng Gate Sack - Defeat Yang Ren, Yang Ang, Yang
Ten Eunuch Bodyguard Manuel Rebellion - With He Jin alive, defeat
Duan Gui, Cao Jie, and Hou Lan.
Arm Dragon Battle Mt. Qi - Get discovered during the fake retreat by
kill the enemy generals, then defeat Fei Yao, Dai Ling and Xiahou Ba, then
Zhang He.

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