Kode Dynasty Warriors 6 Bahasa Indonesia

Kode Dynasty Warriors 6 Bahasa Indonesia:

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Another way to get Cao Cao Sun jian & liu bei
Or you can do the three generals in Shu for liu bei jian wu three generals to the sun and the three generals to cao cao wei at least thats what i did

How to get Diao Chan,
It's simple but it will take some time (a few days maybe) Do one of the story mode selection.It each will be easy to do Zhao Yun, Lu Bu (if you have it if you do not then pick another)., Xiahou Dun, Zhou Yu or Lu Xun.Like I say easier way simple but taking.An is to get a high level of good people with you and do the two players, then let the high level work.Good do all the luck! ^ _ ^

How to unlock gan ning
Compelte each mode wu moushu

Levelling up horses
Go to guan du - cao cao side. Choose horsemenship like lu bu, guan yu, ma chao, etc.. Choose lv. 1 horse and killed 40-49 people without dismount. After it fell off the horse and went to Yuan shao and kill him. After that go to guan du again and repeat it but 50-55 people. Repeat again and kill 100 people to level up to lv. 4 and lv. 5.

How to view both your costume without getting him / her to lvl25
First go to free mode and choose a second character you want see.then Choo costum lvl with people at that level and pick it.Play side.once you go to the person opposite you on the other side he / she will have a second costume (hint: costume changes by pressing O on the character select or customize the display).

How to get Red Hare
Changing a ps2 to 09: 15: 02 and closes the disc tray and press x and o. Go to the browser and ps2 disc. Playing Guan Du, cao cao side, easy with 2 lv 50 lady luck both with find saddle horses. You have to beat Yuan Shao before Bai Ma and Yan Jin falls. You will get a horse with status 197 384 309 135 and the train on horseback. If it does not work to add or subtract 1-20 time with this trick to get it

How to get Liu Bei Grey King
Use this trick 00 Time: 14: 57 Shi ting, wu scenario, easily. 2 lv 50 women good luck with finding a horse saddle. You have to hit the crates saddle at the base of the south enterance center of the map and kill cao cao. You'll get a white horse with status 195 342 306 137. Practice riding lv 50

How to get Lu Bu's Red Hare 2
Use time trick 06: 16: 00 shi wu ting simple scenario. 2 lv 50 women good luck with finding a horse saddle. Get saddle from saddle crate and kill cao cao. You will get a red horse with status 201 379 306 144. Practice riding lv 50

How to get Shadow Runner King Cao Cao and Liu Bei Grey King
Use this trick a 10: 15: 02 guan du cao cao side, easily. 2 lv50 lucky to find a woman with a horse saddle. Get saddle from saddle crate and kill Yuan Shao before Bai Ma and Yan Jin falls. You will get a dark horse (198 340 307 141) and a white horse (199,341,309,137). Practice riding a horse cheats level up.

How to get considers / heavenly horse
Set a ps2 to 23: 25: 01 guan du, cao cao side. Kill yuan shao before Bai Ma and Yan Jin falls. You will get c / h horse (196,344,357,143). Practice riding lv50 character (if you want to get high status I think you have a horse lv50)

How to get Zhang Jiao
Yellow Turban Rebellion, any difficulty. Go to the base in the center of the map and hit the bridge. Go to the jar next to the wind and hit the stairs. Hit another jar to stop the wind and the steps people vacuuming. Bring liu bei, cao cao, sun jian and their officers and kill Zhang Jiao.

How to get Guan Ping
Go to Fan Castle, Shu Side. Successful air assault, and finish the battle with guan ping life.

Fast Levelling Up Level 1 Horse
Go to Shi Ting (Wu) / Guan Du (Wei) / Tong Gate (Shu), Hard difficulty. Use lv.50 character. Kill 50 enemies in a horse and went to the commander of the enemy and defeat it. Your horse will level up to Lv2. Try again battle and defeat 100 enemies and then go and kill the enemy commander. SUPRISE, your horse will lv up to LV4. Try this again with 100 kills your horse will Lv5

How to unlock zhang liao, Zhuge Liang, diao chan, gan ning
Complete 1 musou mode from each kingdom

Defeat the Battle of He Fei as Xiahou Dun
You need to kill Ling Tong first and then moved to the East castle and kill all the staff, especially Zhou Tai, even when two of the officers tried to run away, chase them down and kill them. Now take the second base in the center where you fought Ling Tong. Now, Lu Meng advanced and you have seen the video about wu Zhang Liao to attack soldiers, returned to the palace east and kill Zhuge Jin, he will come to it. Now go down and approach Zhang Liao but did not help him, he would kill himself Lu Meng, Gan Ning will show and you will kill him. Now hurry Sun Quan and use your tome when he was in the half. You will devestate him with the power of a killer. Now that you have won.

How to get yuan shao.
Playing ma chao's musou mode. You will fight yuan shao's forces. after that you will get the yuan shao.

How to Unlock Guan Ping
At the Battle of Fan Castle defeats the purpose of fighting 1,2,3.

Full of character

King of iron fist
Did you know iam, iam is a master chaos

if you bring all the attendant chaos difcult musou mode you will unlock new achivment

How to open a gate post or the archers quickly destroy watchpost
Just play as Sun Shang Xiang (please forgive me for spelling that wrong).

How to Get the Horse King! {As Red Hare}
The first thing you should do {optional but you may never get one of the king's horse if you do not do this} is get two characters with 'Lady Luck' and go to the first stage of the Yellow Turban Rebellian {} and choose two characters with lady luck {lvl50 character has the best chance} then go. to the far left end of the bottom map.just keep following the path until opening up.Then, most people will want to jump from Nah Right do? do not do it just continues. left, turn right, then turn left {you will be facing toward the desert} and you will see a medium rock.Right behind the stone is a box with a saddle {When you get close to it you will see the clip it's crazy-haired monkey dude, I think his name was Zhang Jiao or somthing} opened the box by pressing the jump saddle.then off.You itand take to open the bridge if you want.Then go kill officers in your way {they dropped the saddle sometimes} then go to the right way up and 'destructive' dust and officers, then jump to the ladder and to the left and kill the officer who made the dust that explode when you kill them {which will complete one of the targets for more XP}. after that go to the monkey and kill him and other officers as they may drop the saddle and {kill another officer first because you can no longer kill after you kill the primary officer} hold. do this over and over until you get a horse to the description 'eyes consder physical world and have heavinly'. then use a person on horseback {} lvl50 prefered to train it.I got the king Auburn as it {though as far as only}. His name is the name of Comet.The East is Red Hare Ultament Dream.If you get a horse the king, then the next time you get each name will change.This will take a very long time though.Good luck!

How to get Zhuge Liang, Zhang Liao, Gan Ning, Diao Chan, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian
Three Finish Musou Mode of each kingdom

Unlock all common
L1 + L2, Left, Left, Right, Down, Down, Up, Square, Circle, X

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